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Mach9’s geospatial production software converts massive-scale mobile LiDAR scans into 2D and 3D engineering models up to 30x faster and at half the cost than manual point and click solutions.
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Trusted by leading surveying, engineering, and construction firms around the world
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Unlock the benefits of LiDAR and image capture technology

Converting large-scale image and point cloud datasets into actionable maps is labor intensive and time consuming. Mach9 quickly transforms the most complex geospatial datasets into 2D and 3D engineering deliverables. Our industry-leading artificial intelligence technology allows engineering and construction organizations to step away from data processing and focus on the bigger picture ahead.

Mach9 automates:

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Feature extraction from camera image and LIDAR datasets
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Analysis of key measurements, such as distance and clearance
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Production of 2D and 3D engineering deliverables, such as CAD and GIS

How to get started with Mach9

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Step 1

Click here to submit a project request form.
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Step 2

We’ll schedule an onboarding session with one of our technical experts to delve into your data.
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Step 3

Review your Mach9 map after processing. From there, we can iterate as necessary.

“Mach9 gives us more extensive mobile mapping data faster than ever before because we no longer have to worry about time intensive feature extraction.”

Mark Wolcott, P.E.
President, iSee
(Formerly Deputy Director for Material Engineering, MDOT SHA)

“Finally, an expeditionary LiDAR solution for decision makers at the edge. Mach9 is the answer for rapid LiDAR collection, dissemination and exploitation.”

Jarrett Heavenston
CEO, Tough Stump Technologies, LLC
(Formerly Combat Controller, USAF)

“People need to know how to use the systems and how to make the most of the data they provide. Mach9’s platform seems uniquely suited to help employees with any learning curve.”

Jonathan Barnes
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