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The Power of Data

Mach9’s mission is to accelerate the development of global infrastructure with the fastest geospatial production solutions.

Through years of experience developing AI technology for autonomous vehicles, we saw the potential of reality capture technology to provide a new world of capabilities to those that build and maintain our infrastructure. There was just one problem. Processing this new type of data was extremely time consuming and prohibitive.

So just as CAD software allowed GPS to revolutionize the surveying industry, we set out to build powerful tools that could unlock the potential of mobile mapping.

We’re building the fastest geospatial production software capable of simplifying and interpreting complex 3D data sets into engineering drawings at incredible speed. But we’re not stopping here.

We envision a world where Mach9’s end-to-end suite of geospatial production tools gives those that build and maintain infrastructure rapid access to the highest quality and most cost-effective engineering deliverables. And we’re going to get there fast.

Mach9 stands for:

Get it done right and fast
Our customers choose Mach9 for quality and speed. We embody this mentality in everything we do so that we deliver - every time.
Solve real problems
We don’t make technology just for the sake of it. Everything we do is focused on building purposeful, long-lasting solutions to real problems.
Technically hardcore
We believe the hardest problems are solved by elite technical teams. Our competitive advantage is our people and their technical excellence.
Push the boundaries, together
We cannot pioneer the future of infrastructure alone. The most sustainable solutions are built through partnership and collaboration.
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What started as a team of researchers at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute has evolved into a multidisciplinary group of technical experts, closely linked by a passion to build technology that has a positive impact on communities everywhere. Every day, the Mach9 team is applying its collective experience building perception and computer vision systems for DARPA, NASA, Uber ATG, Aurora, Tesla, and more to solve the most complex problems facing infrastructure organizations.

Headshot of Alex Baikovits from the shoulders up smiling in a button-up shirt and glasses.
Alexander Baikovitz
Co-founder & CEO
Headshot of Haowen Shi from the shoulders up smiling in a collared shirt and glasses.
Haowen Shi
Co-founder & CTO
Headshot of Michael Mong from the shoulders up smiling in a collared shirt and glasses.
Michael Mong
Co-founder & Hardware Engineering
Headshot of Ashton Fagg from the shoulders up smiling in a button up shirt and beard.
Ashton Fagg, PhD
Computer Vision Engineering
Headshot of Zachary Sussman from the shoulders up smiling in a collared shirt and glasses
Zachary Sussman
Co-Founder & Software Engineering
Headshot of Nicole Law from the shoulders up smiling in a causal shirt and glasses.
Nicole Law
Geospatial Analyst
Headshot of Andrew Daily from the shoulders up smiling in a collared shirt and beard.
Akira Dailey
Geospatial Analyst

We're hiring!

Mach9 is leading the way in geospatial technology. Our vision is to accelerate geospatial production, because we know that great maps are the key to creating a better world. We’re growing fast and hiring to keep up with the demand.

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How to get started with Mach9

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Review your Mach9 map after processing. From there, we can iterate as necessary.

We’re here to take data processing off your to-do list.